the ole Amish benadryl snooker??

I had the day off Saturday, and took a leisurely drive up across the state line into Tennessee and visited my Amish friend.  As I was leaving, his adorable grand-daughter walked up and whispered to him something in their native language -  German Dutch??  He laughed, and said that she was wondering if Robin would like the white dog.  Since we've taken in more strays (3) than our small home can handle, the answer was no. We found the very sleepy white dog in the back of his storage building.  He explained that he had given it 4 benadryl pills to put it to sleep - permenantly.  It had wandered by, nobody would take it, it wasn't a breed he could sell, he didn't want it.  

I didn't want to find out if 8 pills did work.  He loves the creek.  Is implying he's a retriever.  We are already getting attached.  The white hair is wirey like a great pyrenees, whatever, I think he's going to be a good one.  Haven't gotten rid of all of the fleas yet.

--  Was I snookered by this crafty Amishman?  Perhaps.  I really don't know.




Robin Wade