can you hear my tweet?

After seeing how Obama so successfully "spread the word" with social media, thought I should take a look.  After intentionally avoiding it for years, I finally took the plunge.  About three weeks ago I signed up for a Twitter account, then I followed with a Facebook.  

Planning to give a reasonable trial of a year or two.  After three weeks on Twitter, there are 140 followers.  Following are a few of the more interesting ones:

Museum Toulouse, Frye Art Museum, High Museum of Art, Amon Carter Museum, Getty Museum, The Oxford American, Nashville Zoo,  True Nature Trust, Nature Conservancy, Flower Magazine, San Diego Museum of Art,  Global Art News, Nashville Lifestyles, Times Daily, LushPad, Art Now San Diego, Huntsville Times, Gallery Stajka,  Dubai Visitor, HJM Art Gallery, MHL Magazine, Coastal Living Magazine,  Bauhaus News,  Alabama Tourism,  Southern Living Magazine.

Don't think I'll ever be doing a minute by minute tweet, but I'll try to update more regularly. 


Robin Wade