hot summer days - with the pups

Mattie (left) - our most disturbed frisbee-a-holic.

Kramer (right) - avid huntsman / fisherman (after a crawfish here).

Havana (posing below) part great pyrenees.  so calm and happy to be here.

I've almost always lived on some body of water or another. Have done a good bit of boating - large and small - sail and power. At least for now, paddling Cypress Creek with the pups is hard to beat. . . particularly on these scorching southern summer days. In addition to the direct benefit of cooling down, I get some of my best design ideas while in, near, or under the water. My three rescues are always eager to join me. Here are a couple of pics. The 11 year old fisherdog is Kramer. He's constantly looking for fish, and catches one ever 9 years or so. The gals escorting hims are Mattie and Havana.

Robin Wade