new branding iron ordered

My brand got a face lift.  My original branding iron had some problems.  The primary problem is that it wasn't flat. (When I told the cowboy that made it for me, he just looked at me and said "cows aren't either").  

I have to roll it around on the new table to enable all edges to get burned in.  Ended up with a good bit of double prints, etc.  The next problem was what made it so fun.  I heat it up by laying it on the natural lump charcoal in my big Kamado smoker.  Unfortunately, I could only get two or three tables branded before the iron cooled down.  Placed my order online this morning.  In addition to a brand with a new logo, hopefully this one will be flat.  Also it's going to be heated electrically.  I'm planning to knock the dust of the oldy from time to time for special pieces.

Robin Wade