haven't gotten blogging down yet

Ok, I started with iweb's blog: http://web.me.com/robinwade/robin_wade_furniture_b_log/robins_log_blog/robins_log_blog.html.

It was a really nice and easy way to get started.  Then I started learning about SEO (search engine optimization) as in Google search rankings, etc and knew it was time to improve things.  I think most people probably use wordpress for this.  I tried, wasn't happy with the appearance, attempted to edit, don't know or have time to learn html, so I kept looking.  Just ran across squarespace, and am thinking this is the ticket.  Have 14 days to try it out before the billing period begins.  Here are some "in process" pics I've taken since the first of the year.  This might get me caught up, and with any luck I'll be able to keep it updated a bit better.


Robin Wade