About us

Robin Wade Furniture is the third business that Robin cultivated from passionate hobbies.  First was a screen printing business that he began in college, in the early days of the printed t-shirt craze.  As a child Robin enjoyed helping his Dad design and screen print Christmas cards that were sent to a few for family friends each year.  It ends up, this little annual family project used the same basic art skills (typography, graphic design and screen printing) as this new industry of printed t-shirt niche needed. 

His second business was a technology business (Apple Computer VAR), directly related to his previous business, screen printing.  His timing was good for this one, he was the second biz in the US to offer this solution to this industry.

As screen printing businesses sent their art departments to North Alabama for training, Robin's graphic design skills grew.  He helped them transiton from pen and ink, amberlith, rubylith, Kroy art departments from around the country Mac based computers and software.  It began from his fascination with computers and how they should be able to benefit screen printers with their primary bottleneck - in the art department, specifically illustration color separation. 

Did you say Alabama?

You might be familiar with the Muscle Shoals area of North Alabama located on the Northern bank of the Tennessee River. The community is most known for it's legendary recording history where superstar's like Aretha Franklin, Alisha Keys, Mick Jagger and hundreds of other's who were either famous or became famous working with our studio musicians. Thousands of visitors from around the world visit just to see our Frank Lloyd Wright designed Usonian home that that the city purchased and completely restored which is now a museum.  Our visitors are shocked by how different the area is from what they thought.   Many are surprised that we have a 600 acre solar farm, organic farming, and some of the best food, sushi, and restaurants in the country, really. Robin said he will add quotes from visitors like Steve Ainsley, retired Boston Globe publisher now living in Santa Barbara, FAIA architects Denis and Sylvia Kwan from San Francisco as well as others from New York, Idaho, Miami when he can.

For several year's Robin thought what he was making was furniture.
Robin handles the photography for the website, blog, social media.  He thinks he's pretty good, but is the first to admit his camera almost always set on "auto focus".

Wondering where are photos of Robin on the site?  He'd much prefer to take pictures of the photographer than have his picture taken.  He's always been quite uncomfortable having his pic taken.  He'll be sharing more on this soon.